About Yarwood-White

About Yarwood-White

Four things you might like to know about us

1. Yarwood-White was founded in 2003 by designer Clare Yarwood-White. Yarwood-White was sold in November 2012 to Kirsty Griffiths founder of Lily Bella - www.lilybella.co.uk. Kirsty founded Lily Bella in 2009 before her own wedding in May 2010.

2. We are more than just an internet shop.  We are a team of real people based in a beautiful studio in Beaconsfield, Bucks.  When you call us, there is a good chance you will speak to one of our jewellery designer/makers who can give you lots of advice and information before they produce the creation of your dreams by hand.

3. We are a little bit obsessive about details.  When it comes to design details; another 5 millimetres here or another three seed pearls there can make all the difference.  We sweat the small stuff and aren’t afraid to work hard for our customers.

4. We design and make very beautiful wedding jewellery, and have a cupboard full of awards to show for it, which makes us very proud.  And we get very excited when celebrities like Cheryl Cole and Dannii Minogue wear our designs.

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