A bride is a woman at her most feminine; most beautiful.  What you wear on your wedding day matters more than any other day of your life.  This isn’t a matter of life and death, it’s more important than that.

“I want to look like me, but better.”

We all want to look our most beautiful on the big day, but we also want our fiancé to recognize us as we glide up the aisle.  With the right dress, hair, make up and accessories, you can pull together a look that will take his breath away, but leave him confident he’s marrying the right girl.

We all have to make compromises on our wedding day, but we don’t think you should compromise on what you wear. Get it right, and you will look back at your wedding photos with pride for ever.

Where to start?

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2. Use the experts.  There is no substitute for speaking with experts about your wedding and your style.  It’s what we do all day, and we can help make sense of things in an objective way. Email us at with any questions about your wedding, your style and your accessories and we will get back to you with some advice and help.

3. Email us: Send a photo of your dress to with your accessory questions, and we send you our recommendations.

4. Read our wedding blog: It's called BrideStyle and it’s bubbling with stylish inspiration for everything from Cakes to Confetti; Honeymoons to Hair Accessories.

5. Try before you buy.  Visit one of our fabulous stockists, or if you are in the area, pop down and see the complete Yarwood-White collection at our flagship stockist in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire Ellie Sandersons - The Dressing Room.

Done all the above? Have a brownie point and rest assured you will look gorgeous.

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